Forgotten Tale

The photographs that follow are from March of 2016, almost two years ago now. One can probably see that the images are that of a hibiscus flower, manipulated.

Emile. Hipstamatic: Lens: Salvador 84, Film: Uchitel 20.

The effect was carried out using the Hipstamatic camera app. More specifically, the symmetry effect was achieved using the Salvador 84 lens, only one of the myriad lenses the camera app offers … ermm sells. The somewhat aged look is a feature of the Uchitel 20 film. Photoshop was not utilized in the making of the images.

None of it would’ve been possible however without the inspiration of Tuba Korhan. I became aware of her work while musing over the once free Snap magazine app, courtesy of the producers of the same camera app. The images here are all but a flattering attempt. If you have the time, click on her name above to check her work. Apparently, she has a Flickr account, and by the looks of it, she went all out with the app and now I can’t figure out how she produces her images. Spectacular!


If you wonder why I named the images, it was because I intended to create a story. The withered flower I picked up was nothing special. It became so when I realized I could create what looked like insects using the app. A thought entered there and then: The dead flower had a story to tell. Three lovers they were, once upon a springtime.


So I started to write the little story on Facebook Notes but didn’t go anywhere with it. Who of the three won her heart? Or, was it a tragedy?

I myself forgot.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Variations on a Theme


Shot with the Hipstamatic app. Minor editing done in Snapseed. Photo of woman courtesy of K. Flour from Unsplash.

Hmm, I don’t exactly know where I’m going with this one. Such a difficult concept to take a photo of. Where I live also is deprived of scenery that invoke silence. Well, not really but one has to look harder. So, I went with double exposure. My aim? To portray the feeling when I get stuck trying to finish an entry, or worst yet, to start one, or come to think of it, I don’t really know which one is worst. Writer’s block as they call it. Hence a quiet keyboard. Perhaps it goes both ways, huh? Maybe a quiet and tempered mind is a necessity to clear the way for writing to flow. In the image above, that would be the keyboard motioning the sign back to you.

Maybe … But, how would I know?
I am not a writer.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence