Fine day at the beach. In all my years here in Southern Cal, this is but the first time I’ve been to this part of San Clemente (this goes without saying what a fine, world-class traveler I happen to be, by the way)! Not the most enthralling, but neither too shabby. Continue reading



Waves. Fujifilm XT2. Snapseed. Huntington Beach, CA.

The contrast was guaranteed; I needed only to judge the balance between darks and lights. So I examined how the surfs broke apart and fizzled out firstly before deciding to push the shutter release button.

I have little control over the composition; the rest is a prayer.

If you ever use Snapseed to edit photos, don’t bypass the Tonal Contrast tool. Absent this, the photo above would’ve appeared flat. The constrast in the shadow areas I owe to using this tool.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Liquid

Place in the World


Huntington Beach, CA. Fujifilm XT2. Snapseed.

Seldom do I go to the beach these days. Here, though, I was meeting some of my friends who were attending a volleyball beach tournament and so I found myself near the ocean once again.


I was delighted, no, mesmerized, at how the white surfs were breaking the deep blueness of the ocean and I only intended to capture that with the pier as the background. Looking through the viewfinder, I waited a bit for the perfect interplay of white and blue. When the moment finally came, the kids appeared. They made for an interesting composition. Serendipitous!


Clearly, at the moment at least, they have found their place in the world. As wonderful and invigorating as the litoral life may be, I seek a much different place.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Place in the World