Shorthand (roughly) of the haiku writ below

When ennui settles, I usually delve into things forgot. Above is a haiku of sorts I wrote years ago in Instagram to go with a fitting image, which poem I decided to rewrite in shorthand. Here’s what it says:

one kiss
yours have mine

Clearly a pun. And I’m pretty darn sure you now know what the image is in my IG.

Critiquing the execution of the shorthand above, I’d say the lengths are disproportionate and the joining of the sounds are likely inaccurate — and if someone skillful in the art were to decipher it … confusion galore. But I like shorthand. I wish to become good at it. ❧

A Coffee Epiphany

on my table
spilled — like a rabbit on
a motorbike whisking by — no

It happened about two years ago or so, during breakfast, when I babysat my nephew of two. His curiosity brought about the image below.

I meant to write something about that whole occurrence, a memoir or a reflection, perhaps … oh, something about time and how fleeting it really is, but that never materialized after a few tries. And to be honest, I got tired of it because everybody knows how ephemeral time is; no need to hackney the subject further. So abandoned it I did.


This time, however, well, I haven’t a clue why I started writing about coffee. It escaped my mind; it really did. I’m not a big fan of it; I quite detest it. Therefore, I can’t figure out how the subject matter came about. One thing for sure: I know now why coffee works the way it does; it’s a rabbit thing after all this time. Amazingly, enough!