Saturday, Dec 10, 2016.
1:40 AM

In this dinky classroom of beige, windowless walls, and slate and muted marble floors, the silence was heavy. The students, about 50 of them, remained relatively still in their desk-chairs, Continue reading

The Guilt

If ever I’ve had a dream equally frightening as those with paranormal textures, it would be a fiasco at work. It happened this way.

Midnight and I was squandering the time away gabbing and making jokes with some of my co-workers in a little room where the Hematology interns stay during the day. All my patients were sound asleep, and I myself, at some point in time, must have unknowingly fallen into a similar fettle because, Continue reading


*This entry was originally written over a year ago; the actual date forgotten. This is a revision, but the facts are kept intact.


His delight was palpable, infectious. I cannot help but be cheerful to see this Korean nonagenarian in grand admiration of, to his point of view, a work of art. It was merely a peripheral IV1 I inserted on his left forearm which I Continue reading

How to Annotate 101

December 25, 2016   oh the yuletide! What joy it bring! What warmth! But when you’re scheduled to work on the eve and day of Christmas, you may as well kiss them all goodbye. My dear co-workers, unwilling to give in to such plight however, came up with a way to keep the spirit of the season alive. Well, what could be more sustaining, more fitting than food?! Nurses do get hungry most of the time all of the time. Baffled? Ask Tylera.

So they prepared a list for a Christmas potluck. Kevin was bringing pot roast; Army-Clairea, cassava cake! My slot I did not fill initially because there was a big chance of me getting floated to a different ward. It was my turn, and believe me, if I do go, I rarely return, not even for food. Continue reading