The Guilt

Fiasco at work ... a dream ... bordering on nightmare.


Ships on Seventh Bay

Here is a poem I penned as tribute to two nurses who worked in our unit as trainees in the interim before their eventual transfer to the Intensive Care Unit. They spent roughly half a year with us, and having them was a great pleasure!


How timely that the word happens to fall during end of semester examinations here in the U.S.! Unless I return to obtain a higher degree in my office, the word, defined within this context and usually is both spoken and written in the plural form, is irrelevant. Of all such exams I’ve taken, it was … Continue reading Final


*This entry was originally written over a year ago; the actual date forgotten. This is a revision, but the facts are kept intact. ‘engineer!’ His delight was palpable, infectious. I cannot help but be cheerful to see this Korean nonagenarian in grand admiration of, to his point of view, a work of art. It was … Continue reading Engineer*