Top Heavy

At Seabridge Park

Below the Old Ficus Tree | Darkr, Snapseed, iPhone 6S

Framing & composition. That’s what this is all about. I really wanted to include more of the sea, and the entirety of the boats’ reflections. Problem was it was a low tide and anything below the bottom frame was … sand. I was thinking, the relatively placid water might have provided some balance to the chaotic but beautiful texture created by the foliage. Maybe. In the end, I had to make do what was available to me.

Print wise: blown-out highlights. I took the photo close to midday and though the sun does not hang straight up vertically during the winters, it was high enough to cause harsh shadows. Darkr’s camera shutter speeds do not include half-stops or anything in between (I wish it does). And underexposing the image one more stop greatly thwarted the shadows. And so, once again, I had to work around limitations.

To darken the cloudless sky a bit, I used a yellow filter. That’s it. What do you think?