Handsel & Auspicate

There was a man named Edsel,
Who gave his friend a handsel

Saying, With you I want to auspicate —
This year, 19, the ending of all dates!

—A slice of cheese and a pretzel!

Handsel: a gift made as a token of good wishes or luck especially at the beginning of a new year
Auspicate: to initiate with ceremonies calculated to ensure good luck

Backstairs & Ullages

Once, a haggard man from down County,
Found a brand new bottle of whiskey!

The cork was still intact,
But alas! What backstairs1 act! —

The ullage2 made him very unhappy!


1backstairs – secret, underhanded, or scandalous
2ullage – the amount by which the contents fall short of filling a container, as a cask or bottle.


Once there was a troubled learner,
Who cannot seem a single subject to master,

Diligently he studied in each and every day —
Languages, numbers, the arts, … the exponential decay —

Yet never stilling his thoughts too inclined to wander.

Daily Prompt: Meander

Winsome and Lissome

Zac once bragged to Heisy one day,
Why people found him more attractive, come what may,

“In addition,” said he, “to being nimble and lissome —
I am, as you know, just undeniably winsome!”

“But I’m more handsome,” came Heisy’s reply that never got a repartee!