A Choiva

Perhaps the last rainfall of the year. Unexpectedly, it came. So I wrote this, a simple phrase in shorthand as a way of saying farewell. Yes, very brief. But what can I do? I am not even certain if the writing is right. Were I more skillful, more knowledgeable in the craft however, I would have written oh but only a little more. Just a little more.

You were thinking otherwise. After all, introverts are said to be voluble and loquacious through the pen. True, and not true at the same time. I happen to be not very talkative at all. Well, sometimes.

Funny thing introverts and their rain, huh? ❧

Oh, Dub On

This I got from the mail.

You Are What Hope Looks Like To A Bird.

Join Audubon Today.

The way I look at it, it’s the other way around: I see more hope looking at a bird. Haha.

I frequent a certain Walmart at a nearby city and one of the main reasons is because I get to see the kind of bird below. They happily haunt the parking spaces and are unafraid of the customers there. With their chirps and calls and warbles (I guess that’s the word), they fill the atmosphere with an indescribable pleasantness. Oh, wouldn’t it be wild to be able to understand them!

For a long time, I didn’t know its name and not only until recently, through sheer luck searching online again, did I finally learn it.

A female Great-Tailed Grackle in flight. | Hipstamatic, Tinto 1984 and Uchitel.

Quiscalus mexicanus or the Great-Tailed Grackle. The females come in shades of brown; the males, pitch black. Their vocal harmonies — something to cherish.

Will I join Audubon, you asked? ❧

Feb Showers

The second day of February and it rains. In fact, it will for the next four.

The photo above is a test shot. I used my polarizing filter to mitigate the reflections on the rain drops on the petals. As it was difficult to see through the viewfinder whether the effect effected what I wanted, I really had no clue as I pushed the shutter release. I guess it did. You can kind of see the detail of the petals through the raindrops, can you?

Shot with the XT2 in black and white mode using the red filter. That should leave you with enough clue as to the color of the hibiscus flower. ❧

The Delirious Crow

a crow flies toward
a winter pale morning moon
beholding breakfast


Change beholds its to beholding last minute. I am trying to understand how metering in poetry works — the iambic, trochaic, etc. I cannot say for sure I’m doing it correctly here, but I like to suppose that I did (a haiku does not bother with meters too much, by the way).

The image convinces one that I did so, doesn’t it? 🙂

Cooking Again

The soak before the plunge. Shiitake mushrooms.

My second time cooking this year! That’s a record so far. I just used the ingredients I found at home. I know. I could’ve done more like go to the grocery store and buy potatoes, various bell peppers, etc etc, what I felt I would need, but it was raining — and hard. An introvert’s place is not inside a grocery store on rainy days. It is either outside in the rain utterly soaked, or inside the room under the blanket with a book and a cup of tea by the window sill.

Obviously, I chose to be at home. I needed to cook. Plus, with the bad lucks I’ve had had lately, who is to know I won’t get struck by a lightning?!

So here is the final product. So meat-intensive! I can imagine long strips of red and green bell peppers and tender chunks of potatoes in there. That would probably unite the flavors a bit. To finish, I tossed in some walnuts, not for the sake of taste, but rather to justify to myself (and dad) that dinner will not altogether be unhealthy!

Isn’t it a nice photo of the mushrooms? — For the photo enthusiasts who happened to land on this entry.


The final result. So meat-intensive!