Heisy in Chrome


Classic Chrome, XF35mm F2, Fujifilm XT2I shot Heisy using Classic Chrome film simulation that came with my camera. My original intention was for the two of them to be in this photo, but Zac just could not stay put. So, into the garage he went! I took a few shots really, but I prefer this over the rest. Kind of have to not go crazy with loading a lot of pictures here coz before I’d know it, I’ll run out of allotted space. I have planned to photograph other things, landscapes, seascapes, street, stills, maybe.

For now, it’s all about them dogs — dogscapes — test shots, getting to know the camera better while creating memories.

On the post-processing side, the usual … Photoshop: Curves, Vibrance, a little bit of sharpening, then created a fake vignette.

Onward [+]

Nothing in the way of new discoveries while voyaging in the sea of photography. Well, one thing — Heisy is a step up as far as difficulty to take a picture of. How so? He’s multicolored, which translates to more shades of gray. Zac, on the contrary, is essentially one tone. I’m thinking a darker background will probably be more fitting for Heisy.