UPDATE: I got rid of the gallery format coz I don’t know how to make it function as it should if I code in images from an outside source. The images are displayed in a frame. That’s fine, but the dynamic gallery mode is lost. All photos taken with the Fujifilm XT2, XF 35mm F2. Continue reading


Soffit | XT2 Classic Chrome

Test shot. Trying to see how customizing some settings would look:

Film SimClassic Chrome
Highlight Tone+1
Shadow Tone-1
F-stop1/320 sec
Focal length35mm
FilterCircular Polarizing

Nothing grand where subject is concerned. Highlights blown a bit, but passable. I’m content with the sharpness. No tweaks employed, so yeah, straight out of the camera.

I don’t usually mess with these settings but there should be some merit to them, I would think … and the polarizing filter just happened to be attached, so … this turned out to be an inaccurate test after all. Ayayay.

Sunset Beach

Oh my! Probably taken sometime last year, maybe close to the end of the year before the last. I remember starting to draft a post with the photos I took that day, but I never published it. It got a little too long, you know, writing what detail I recalled. Suffice it is to say that that very afternoon was glorious, and that I strolled a little over a mile along the beach toward the pier drawn by the mist that enveloped part of the ocean and the nearby houses. The photo of the house was my favorite. The sunset? Hehe. Let’s just say I should’ve brought a tripod.

I’ve always wondered how good it would be living in this beachfront area. You get the view of the ocean, the sunset, the gulls … etc. Yet I notice that each time I come here, the blinds are closed and the windows covered in drapes. I guess there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing …etc ..etc.. ❧

Fujifilm XT2, XF 35mm F2. Photoshop. Sunset Beach.

Feb Showers

The second day of February and it rains. In fact, it will for the next four.

The photo above is a test shot. I used my polarizing filter to mitigate the reflections on the rain drops on the petals. As it was difficult to see through the viewfinder whether the effect effected what I wanted, I really had no clue as I pushed the shutter release. I guess it did. You can kind of see the detail of the petals through the raindrops, can you?

Shot with the XT2 in black and white mode using the red filter. That should leave you with enough clue as to the color of the hibiscus flower. ❧



Waves. Fujifilm XT2. Snapseed. Huntington Beach, CA.

The contrast was guaranteed; I needed only to judge the balance between darks and lights. So I examined how the surfs broke apart and fizzled out firstly before deciding to push the shutter release button.

I have little control over the composition; the rest is a prayer.

If you ever use Snapseed to edit photos, don’t bypass the Tonal Contrast tool. Absent this, the photo above would’ve appeared flat. The constrast in the shadow areas I owe to using this tool.

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