Shorthand (roughly) of the haiku writ below

When ennui settles, I usually delve into things forgot. Above is a haiku of sorts I wrote years ago in Instagram to go with a fitting image, which poem I decided to rewrite in shorthand. Here’s what it says:

one kiss
yours have mine

Clearly a pun. And I’m pretty darn sure you now know what the image is in my IG.

Critiquing the execution of the shorthand above, I’d say the lengths are disproportionate and the joining of the sounds are likely inaccurate — and if someone skillful in the art were to decipher it … confusion galore. But I like shorthand. I wish to become good at it. ❧

The Delirious Crow

a crow flies toward
a winter pale morning moon
beholding breakfast


Change beholds its to beholding last minute. I am trying to understand how metering in poetry works — the iambic, trochaic, etc. I cannot say for sure I’m doing it correctly here, but I like to suppose that I did (a haiku does not bother with meters too much, by the way).

The image convinces one that I did so, doesn’t it? 🙂