Nihongo Corner 2

A word on kudasai.

The word actually means please, give me, but I prefer to use this translation when objects (nouns) are involved. With verbs, my preference is with grant, therefore, Please, grant me. The particle を (wo pronounced as o) marks the objects: Continue reading

These Days

Lately, all I’ve been doing is learn Japanese and teach myself to draw the human figure. And that is why the images I’ve been posting have those elements to them — Japanese and simplifications of the human anatomy.

I’ve been active on lang-8, a language exchange platform. Native Japanese speakers have been kind enough to take time and correct my written exercises, for which I’m most grateful.

Above is another exercise that I decided not to publish on the platform. I thought, maybe it gets a little too much of the same thing since I derive my language learning from a book / workbook. Ergo, repetition is necessary. In fact, repetition is key. But I balked. And published it here instead!

I needed to re-learn how to write some kanjis anyway. It’s amazing how I easily forget. And typing them doesn’t help with recall at all.

So, the above probably sounds unnatural.

At this point, it is what it is. The take-away is I ingrained, or etched some kanjis in my memory.

Or so I hope. 🙂

Más de lo Mismo

More of the same. If I keep this up, I won’t have a blog anymore.

Last Friday, I had to plead the city officers to drop my violation of not moving my truck as the street sweeper truck passed by; my truck wouldn’t start you see. I was fortunate they were accommodating. They did give me til this week to rectify the problem I had.

Well, I did call for service that very day and the mechanic got my truck started again. As my truck is somewhat not in use however, he suggested I turn the engine on every three days.

And I did just that all through the week. And each time, my truck never failed to start.

It’s Friday the 13th. Today.

I will put this portentous day to it, to see if it truly lives up to its infamy!


Bottom Line

It’s truly all about what you really want out of life.

So, I decided to purchase a few online courses on drawing the human body. From here on, it’s a matter of putting in the time and staying the course — no matter what.

Man, did I make it sound ever sooo serious. And it’s supposed to be fun!

I’ll have fun. That’s the bottom line!

I mean, haven’t I proven it already?

Kana’t Forget

The following Japanese characters are no longer in use. I thought I’d dedicate an entry for them here along with their html hex entity codes, since there is no other method by which they can be typed otherwise. And so, beginning with:



( wi )


( vi )


( we )


( ve )

With these, I guess I can start writing some names that are phonetically similar. Mind you, the basic Japanese examples/translations I provided have not gone through corrections by native speakers at lang-8, ergo likely erroneous. But I didn’t want to have them parsed; I feel exceptionally brave today … haha:

That’s Mr. Wilson, right?!

Hi, is Mr. Vincent around?

Wenda and Veronica are friends.

And below are their hiragana counterparts:


( wi )

( we )

I dare not provide examples. Even my bravado has got its limits. ❧



“Even a Thousand Mile Journey Begins with the First Step”

Yes, yes, the saying is all too familiar; I just wanted to give place to it here. I’m undertaking a sort of journey, well many journeys, but one in particular that could be life-altering. Come to think of it, all journeys I wanted to embark are life-altering. Hmmm. Yes. But all I’ve done thus far is take the first few steps then desist (and lollygag … dawdle). Haha

Seriously now. I don’t mean to this time.

By the way, it’s not learning Japanese, nor perfecting Spanish. ❧