Saturday, Dec 10, 2016.
1:40 AM

In this dinky classroom of beige, windowless walls, and slate and muted marble floors, the silence was heavy. The students, about 50 of them, remained relatively still in their desk-chairs, Continue reading


At around 11 morning, I was helping my nephew do his daily reading and writing exercises. We were in his bedroom and on the carpeted floor, on my request, because of my back problems. Being five years of age, his attention span is rather brief, therefore, in between finishing items of an exercise, he resorts to doing different things. This time, it was bouncing on the floor, making thumping sounds. Now, I know my dad gets put off with such, so I ordered my nephew to desist:

“Stop doing that; you’re gonna rattle grandpa.”

To which he replied:

“Close the door so that I cannot hear him.”

I laughed; he wondered why.


Now more than ever, the evidence is stacking toward an indisputable fact that I may have become diabetic. Crazy. I haven’t had an uninterrupted sleep for the past three weeks, always needing to void hour by hour at night. My lips are parched most of the time, and though constant hunger has not been one of the hallmarks in my case, I do get hungry, yet cognizant of the perilous disease Continue reading