Sunday night was no different, although I noticed the interval between voiding lengthened by just a few minutes. I felt rested this morning, but ever so slightly, barely escaping notice.

Tonight will probably be much of the same. It’s 10 PM now, and though I could use the extra time to get more sleep, I have to watch over my sleeping nephew until his mother comes home. But I’m sure later on I’ll be up and about hourly again needing to use the restroom, much like the other nights previous (last post). I detest it, but it is what it is for now til I reclaim my health.

The small gallery depicts what I ate for lunch and dinner today. I started to fast, so breakfast has been out of the picture. For lunch, I just had a simple concoction of sugar-free, low-calorie, but 0% fat — which I did not prefer — yogurt and fruits (mainly berries). I threw in a serving of apple and a cutie and added a handful of almonds and walnuts to keep me sated til dinner time.

I had hoped for a salmon steak for dinner, but since I had to cook for the family, I baked pork chops instead. There was just not enough of the salmon left to go around. The chops turned out pretty tender for which I was pleased. Nothing special with the broccoli as far as preparation is concerned — just boiling water poured slowly over a serving of florets; a sliver of butter for taste added on the plate.

Then water. Just water. And plenty of it.

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