Nihongo Corner 2

A word on kudasai.

The word actually means please, give me, but I prefer to use this translation when objects (nouns) are involved. With verbs, my preference is with grant, therefore, Please, grant me. The particle を (wo pronounced as o) marks the objects:

Waterを下さいPlease give me
Mizu wo kudasai.
Water, please.

Now, this is where I like to use grant.

行ってGoing下さいPlease grant me
Itte kudasai.
Please, grant me your going or Please, go.

Please, give me your going just doesn’t cut it for me.

I wonder if one can combine both. Mizu kudasai is pretty straightforward, but what if I ask someone to buy me a cat? Would it be something akin to the sentence below?

Catを買ってBuying下さいPlease grant me
Neko wo katte kudasai.

And not a dog? Well, my understanding was to merely use the negative equivalent of the -te form:

Dogを買わなくてNot buying下さいPlease grant me
Inu wo kawanakute kudasai.

As it turns out, this is not how it’s done per lang-8 community (the community, henceforward). Translating this manner of command to its negative Please don’t + verb happens to be seemingly formulaic, taking the stem of the verb + its base ending a, and then appending naide kudasai. Therefore, instead of the erroneous attempt above, I have the rectified version below:

Dogを買わないでNot buying下さいPlease grant me
Inu wo kawanaide kudasai.
Please, don’t buy (me) a dog.

The sentence above has not been parsed by the community, so watch me get it wrong, eh? Haha.

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