Nihongo Corner 1

Just some notes for personal reference.

A simple command in Japanese expressing Please + command is formed by combining the -te form of the verb plus the word kudasai.

Tabete kudasai.

Mite kudasai.

Nonde kudasai.

Yonde kudasai.

Yonde kudasai.

Kaite kudasai.

The -te form is very versatile; one doesn’t get too far into the language without thoroughly knowing it. It’s a pain the neck sometimes if you ask me. Below is something I memorized when I started my perfunctory study in Japanese. I think I got the characters right.

私は、As for meジェームズJamesですis。でもBut、ジムJimand呼んでCall下さいPlease
Watashiwa James desu. Demo, Jim to yonde kudasai.
I am James. But call me Jim.

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