These Days

Lately, all I’ve been doing is learn Japanese and teach myself to draw the human figure. And that is why the images I’ve been posting have those elements to them — Japanese and simplifications of the human anatomy.

I’ve been active on lang-8, a language exchange platform. Native Japanese speakers have been kind enough to take time and correct my written exercises, for which I’m most grateful.

Above is another exercise that I decided not to publish on the platform. I thought, maybe it gets a little too much of the same thing since I derive my language learning from a book / workbook. Ergo, repetition is necessary. In fact, repetition is key. But I balked. And published it here instead!

I needed to re-learn how to write some kanjis anyway. It’s amazing how I easily forget. And typing them doesn’t help with recall at all.

So, the above probably sounds unnatural.

At this point, it is what it is. The take-away is I ingrained, or etched some kanjis in my memory.

Or so I hope. 🙂

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