Mr Hajime (肇先生)

I dabble in Japanese. At one point, I convinced myself that to make learning memorable, I had to be creative. And so, after going over a lesson in Japanese, be it by book or app or whatever, I came up with short skits that I then submitted to an online language learning exchange platform. One of them concerns a young student named Jimiji (ジミジ) — and if you made the connection that this Jimiji personifies me, eh well, yeah, but I’m not saying that he does — who happened to be under a certain Japanese professor who teaches, well, Japanese.

Today, after a long time, I picked up a pencil and started to sketch, copy … more like it. This resulted.

Hajime sensei.

I’ve always thought of Mr Hajime as having thick hair, and a full beard wearing thick black frame corrective lens. Eh, he will do. This guy above.

Very uncanny resemblance to one of my uncles. Funny how that happened.

I am such an a—— censored! ❧

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