Fine day at the beach. In all my years here in Southern Cal, this is but the first time I’ve been to this part of San Clemente (this goes without saying what a fine, world-class traveler I happen to be, by the way)! Not the most enthralling, but neither too shabby. I like that it’s a little hidden. The Amtrak also passes through here, so you see train tracks abutting the coastline. Kind of freaky seeing a train go by not more than 20 feet from you.

San Clemente Pier | iPhone 6S | VSCO B3, Snapseed

Heisler ParkCrescent Bay Park in Laguna Beach is infinitely better. The trouble is, it is teeming with people on any given day. Well, some days more than others. Here though, not too crowded, at least not today. Weekday, you know. Just as well, since I haven’t been feeling too good lately. Headache today and the onslaught of back pains for the last few weeks.


Getting old. Need a break … long break. ❧

The basic Japanese has not gone through corrections. Hontoni Gomennasai (本当にごめんなさい).

3 thoughts on “Umibede

    • A lot of places to see here and take photos of. Sunsets, beaches, coves, a few old town settings (though not having the grandeur and classical quality as those in LA), etc … actually I don’t know what I’m talking about. After all, as you well know, I’m a world-class traveler! Haha!


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