Sunset Beach

Oh my! Probably taken sometime last year, maybe close to the end of the year before the last. I remember starting to draft a post with the photos I took that day, but I never published it. It got a little too long, you know, writing what detail I recalled. Suffice it is to say that that very afternoon was glorious, and that I strolled a little over a mile along the beach toward the pier drawn by the mist that enveloped part of the ocean and the nearby houses. The photo of the house was my favorite. The sunset? Hehe. Let’s just say I should’ve brought a tripod.

I’ve always wondered how good it would be living in this beachfront area. You get the view of the ocean, the sunset, the gulls … etc. Yet I notice that each time I come here, the blinds are closed and the windows covered in drapes. I guess there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing …etc ..etc.. ❧

Fujifilm XT2, XF 35mm F2. Photoshop. Sunset Beach.

Kōhī Wa?


Fumin fukyū means no sleep, no rest, and is invariably my condition coming back to work at nights after a few days off. The expression is Japanese and I learned it through correcting English posts in lang-8 — a language learning platform. One particular user there regularly posts little Japanese expressions and translates them into English. His writings are fast becoming a compendium of adages (I think that’s what they’re called) and are delightful to read.

This particular one hits closer to home, one of the many, for sure. Contextually however, I am not sure whether I’m using the expression right as it connotes importance, that is, losing rest or sleep because something needs to be completed. This is my understanding of the expression.

Nevertheless, working at nights without sleep or rest is brutal. By the time 3 AM comes around, I’m fading off to dreamland, that is, if I am not already snoring. Haha. What then? Coffee?

A splendid idea! Except that …


Oh boy, this rain is quickly turning into a storm. ❧

Feb Showers

The second day of February and it rains. In fact, it will for the next four.

The photo above is a test shot. I used my polarizing filter to mitigate the reflections on the rain drops on the petals. As it was difficult to see through the viewfinder whether the effect effected what I wanted, I really had no clue as I pushed the shutter release. I guess it did. You can kind of see the detail of the petals through the raindrops, can you?

Shot with the XT2 in black and white mode using the red filter. That should leave you with enough clue as to the color of the hibiscus flower. ❧