The funny thing about love is that sometimes when you aren’t looking for it, it finds you. Strangely enough, the more you seek for it, the more it seems to conceal itself from you. Hehe .. I don’t know what to tell you. Where does one start to look when, like you said, “Nobody is on sight”? I just don’t know.

But I’m sure someone will come along soon. I was thinking this the other day. You know how married people say about finding the right one, comparing it to a lightning that strikes. I can only assume the lightning as a kind of a beacon, an alarm — Bling .. bling .. bling .. she is the one!

Well, can a person be so foolish as to have felt that “shock” and mistook it for something else? Maybe he got struck many, many times and still didn’t manage to figure it out. Perhaps the next time that situation came along, lightning would literally struck him right in front of her. Then and there he can say with absolute certainty .. “Ah, I finally got it! I’ve finally found my love“.

It can happen.

Email correspondence
Dec 17, 2007

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