Kana’t Forget

The following Japanese characters are no longer in use. I thought I’d dedicate an entry for them here along with their html hex entity codes, since there is no other method by which they can be typed otherwise. And so, beginning with:


( wi )

( vi )

( we )

( ve )

With these, I guess I can start writing some names that are phonetically similar. Mind you, the basic Japanese examples/translations I provided have not gone through corrections by native speakers at lang-8, ergo likely erroneous. But I didn’t want to have them parsed; I feel exceptionally brave today … haha:

That’s Mr. Wilson, right?!

Hi, is Mr. Vincent around?

Wenda and Veronica are friends.

And below are their hiragana counterparts:


( wi )

( we )

I dare not provide examples. Even my bravado has got its limits. ❧



“Even a Thousand Mile Journey Begins with the First Step”

Yes, yes, the saying is all too familiar; I just wanted to give place to it here. I’m undertaking a sort of journey, well many journeys, but one in particular that could be life-altering. Come to think of it, all journeys I wanted to embark are life-altering. Hmmm. Yes. But all I’ve done thus far is take the first few steps then desist (and lollygag … dawdle). Haha

Seriously now. I don’t mean to this time.

By the way, it’s not learning Japanese, nor perfecting Spanish. ❧


I stumbled across the word on vocabulary.com. It appears the noun hasn’t been used in any literary form, at least, none recorded by the website. Websters and Dictionary.com have not even the word in their entries.


The sentimental feeling you have about someone you once loved but no longer do.

Here’s an attempt in a form of a haiku:

dull skies and rain and
liquid sunshine, the baffling
razbliuto is

For how can she possess sentimental feeling towards him whom she no longer loves? A phenomenon, like liquid sunshine, of being human, I guess. Or maybe I am just a cold and heartless man. Haha.

Just trying to understand. ❧



The funny thing about love is that sometimes when you aren’t looking for it, it finds you. Strangely enough, the more you seek for it, the more it seems to conceal itself from you. Hehe .. I don’t know what to tell you. Where does one start to look when, like you said, “Nobody is on sight”? I just don’t know.

But I’m sure someone will come along soon. I was thinking this the other day. You know how married people say about finding the right one, comparing it to a lightning that strikes. I can only assume the lightning as a kind of a beacon, an alarm — Bling .. bling .. bling .. she is the one!

Well, can a person be so foolish as to have felt that “shock” and mistook it for something else? Maybe he got struck many, many times and still didn’t manage to figure it out. Perhaps the next time that situation came along, lightning would literally struck him right in front of her. Then and there he can say with absolute certainty .. “Ah, I finally got it! I’ve finally found my love“.

It can happen.

Email correspondence
Dec 17, 2007



Foremost, let me say I am no green thumb, and so this entry in no way would benefit someone seeking tips on how to plant a tree. This is solely record keeping — laced with a sense of expectation — of the progress of my Guyabano tree.

Guyabano seeds | Day 1

It is my hope that said tree, or should I say trees coz I put in five seeds, would grow in this climate, since they thrive naturally in a tropical environment. Currently, they are wrapped in a damp paper towel, a tip I got from Youtube on how to grow blueberries — Ha! Yeah, right? Nevertheless, ‘would be nice to see growth in a few weeks. And later, I just plan to shove them into a pot of healthy soil and nurture them in a most basic way: water and sunshine. ❧

Credit to Incorrigible Obstiné for the cover photo above.


Soffit | XT2 Classic Chrome

Test shot. Trying to see how customizing some settings would look:

Film SimClassic Chrome
Highlight Tone+1
Shadow Tone-1
F-stop1/320 sec
Focal length35mm
FilterCircular Polarizing

Nothing grand where subject is concerned. Highlights blown a bit, but passable. I’m content with the sharpness. No tweaks employed, so yeah, straight out of the camera.

I don’t usually mess with these settings but there should be some merit to them, I would think … and the polarizing filter just happened to be attached, so … this turned out to be an inaccurate test after all. Ayayay.

Oh, Dub On

This I got from the mail.

You Are What Hope Looks Like To A Bird.

Join Audubon Today.

The way I look at it, it’s the other way around: I see more hope looking at a bird. Haha.

I frequent a certain Walmart at a nearby city and one of the main reasons is because I get to see the kind of bird below. They happily haunt the parking spaces and are unafraid of the customers there. With their chirps and calls and warbles (I guess that’s the word), they fill the atmosphere with an indescribable pleasantness. Oh, wouldn’t it be wild to be able to understand them!

For a long time, I didn’t know its name and not only until recently, through sheer luck searching online again, did I finally learn it.

A female Great-Tailed Grackle in flight. | Hipstamatic, Tinto 1984 and Uchitel.

Quiscalus mexicanus or the Great-Tailed Grackle. The females come in shades of brown; the males, pitch black. Their vocal harmonies — something to cherish.

Will I join Audubon, you asked? ❧