Shot with the Hipstamatic app. Minor editing done in Snapseed. Photo of woman courtesy of K. Flour from Unsplash.

Hmm, I don’t exactly know where I’m going with this one. Such a difficult concept to take a photo of. Where I live also is deprived of scenery that invoke silence. Well, not really but one has to look harder. So, I went with double exposure. My aim? To portray the feeling when I get stuck trying to finish an entry, or worst yet, to start one, or come to think of it, I don’t really know which one is worst. Writer’s block as they call it. Hence a quiet keyboard. Perhaps it goes both ways, huh? Maybe a quiet and tempered mind is a necessity to clear the way for writing to flow. In the image above, that would be the keyboard motioning the sign back to you.

Maybe … But, how would I know?
I am not a writer.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence


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