Meters and Baths [+]


As much as I wanted to spot meter Zac, the task is quite a challenge. Occasionally though, I get lucky … not with the metering aspect, but with getting a good overall exposure. This was one. But given the ambient light, I had a pretty good idea what to set my aperture and shutter speed combination to. And when I viewed Zac through the viewfinder, all I had to do was turn the dial to underexpose him a bit. The photograph is pretty much out of the camera. A little sharpening and contrast adjustment and cropping were also employed after.

Now I beckoned, lured, enticed my other dog, Heisy, to get in the garage where Zac was, but he just wouldn’t obey. He’s a smart dog, which by default would make Zac kind of … ahem. I did take some snapshots and noticed he was being pestered by a few flies.

Today, I gave him a bath. Zac, too.

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