Cooking Again

The soak before the plunge. Shiitake mushrooms.

My second time cooking this year! That’s a record so far. I just used the ingredients I found at home. I know. I could’ve done more like go to the grocery store and buy potatoes, various bell peppers, etc etc, what I felt I would need, but it was raining — and hard. An introvert’s place is not inside a grocery store on rainy days. It is either outside in the rain utterly soaked, or inside the room under the blanket with a book and a cup of tea by the window sill.

Obviously, I chose to be at home. I needed to cook. Plus, with the bad lucks I’ve had had lately, who is to know I won’t get struck by a lightning?!

So here is the final product. So meat-intensive! I can imagine long strips of red and green bell peppers and tender chunks of potatoes in there. That would probably unite the flavors a bit. To finish, I tossed in some walnuts, not for the sake of taste, but rather to justify to myself (and dad) that dinner will not altogether be unhealthy!

Isn’t it a nice photo of the mushrooms? — For the photo enthusiasts who happened to land on this entry.


The final result. So meat-intensive!


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