Three tailors, their bond sororal,
Who favor the thread over the needle,

One spins it, another one measures,
The third cuts it with greatest of pleasures,

That thread of life — so viable— they handle.


8 thoughts on “Moira

    1. Hey Megha, Thanks for the comment! In a nutshell, the Moira (Moirai) refer to “The Fates” in Greek mythology. These are three sisters, deities. One is responsible for spinning (birth), another measuring (present), the last cutting (death). I just learned about them through “Moira” can mean “fate or destiny”.

      If you’ve seen Disney’s Hercules, those sisters were there at the beginning of the movie and toward the end.

      That’s all I know. Thanks again for the compliment!

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      1. Thanks for the clarification. learned something new today. But its very similar to our Hindu mythology where we beleive that we basically have three deities from which all the others have descended. One is a creator, nurturer and third destroyer. They are called Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh respectively.

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      2. Oh nice! Had I read on about it on wikipedia, I probably would’ve come across its similarity to Hindu mythology. These greek deities do have names as well: Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos.

        Very interesting. Thanks for the new knowledge, Megha!


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