Weekly Photo Challenge – Order

Here are my pictorial representations to the word order. Beginning with the quintessential definition of the word, in conveying it, I found a photo I took of a quay in Redondo Beach sometime perhaps two years ago.

Quay Redondo Beach
Small quay just outside the fish market/restaurant in Redondo Beach.

It’s quite plain to see that absent order, leaving and entering the area would altogether be disastrous.

It is not readily clear how a photo of cigarette stubs fits the concept of order. I frankly agree that there is no sense of such in the photo below.

Cigarette stubs

Scrutinizing the picture, one may deduce that Marlboro and Camel are the preferred brands, and that — Man! Do they smoke a lot! That’s all there is to it. In order to connect the picture to the concept however, one should inquire about its setting, and it is exactly this that ties the photo to the word. The stubs are in an ashtray, which functions to contain the chaos brought about with throwing or leaving them all over the place. Hence, order is managed somewhat. Yes I know there is no trace of the ashtray in the picture and who knows, perhaps this is a picture of a mound of cigarette stubs on the ground right next to a trash can! I’m not going to contend with you, but I do admit my photographic shortcoming to distinctively communicate the connection. So why include it in the post? Hmm, I don’t know … I like it!

And finally, the word order also satisfies gastronomical necessities! Here is a photo enticing you to, well, order food. I mean, it’s close to midnight, they’re still open, and nobody is in line. You’re next!

Can I take your order?

Now tell me, did that photo sort of make you hungry? If your stomach is growling, well, don’t delay. Take heed to that order and get yourself something to eat!

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