This limerick — if you can call it that — was inspired by an occurrence at my workplace. There was this indescribable bliss from Kat after giving her patient what turned out to be a very nice haircut. Big deal, right? It was, for the man wouldn’t allow anyone at arm’s reach of him. Any closer and you are surely met with hostility in one form or another. Therefore, Kat had broken through his defenses, and of her conquest, was rewarded with unspeakable joy. She was truly beaming, that was clear, but she also told me of her elation.

There was a nurse named Kat,
Who mistook her patient for a rata,

So with a pair of scissors one day,
Cut she his hair come-what-may,

But boy! Did she a good job at that!

Daily Prompt: Better

aThis whole line describes the man’s level of unkemptness.