Photo Challenge – Evanescent

But if I told you I captured the seemingly unassuming photo above at the very exact moment when my nephew’s hand collided with mine, after which, in a split-second, he retracted his hand, then the whole experience — the sound the impact made, the weight of his hand, the softness of it, how he grunted … Continue reading Photo Challenge – Evanescent


Ships on Seventh Bay

Here is a poem I penned as tribute to two nurses who worked in our unit as trainees in the interim before their eventual transfer to the Intensive Care Unit. They spent roughly half a year with us, and having them was a great pleasure!


How timely that the word happens to fall during end of semester examinations here in the U.S.! Unless I return to obtain a higher degree in my office, the word, defined within this context and usually is both spoken and written in the plural form, is irrelevant. Of all such exams I’ve taken, it was … Continue reading Final


Grandma loved us. She did. Each morning, before the rooster crowed, she’d stir us up from our sleep. Drink, she said. That was our wake up call; not the customary Good morning or Rise and Shine — no, none of the sort. Drink, that was all. Short and to the point. To each one of … Continue reading Bitter


This limerick — if you can call it that — was inspired by an occurrence at my workplace. There was this indescribable bliss from Kat after giving her patient what turned out to be a very nice haircut. Big deal, right? It was, for the man wouldn’t allow anyone at arm’s reach of him. Any closer and you are surely met with hostility in one form or another. But Kat had broken through his defenses, and of her conquest, was rewarded with unspeakable joy. She was truly beaming, that was clear, but she also told me of her elation.