Of Lovelorns & Haikus

Whew, that took awhile. Here is my attempt at haikus. Amateurish at best, but I don’t care. My second submission to The Daily Post daily prompt challenge. Hope you enjoy! What’s up with me responding to prompts all of a sudden? I need to soul-search.

He She
Early morn, window frosts
    the cold draft of winter whisks —
A door left ajar.
White is this morning
    on a bough a red birda sings —
A song of good-byes.
My very first step
    reluctantly to depart
Tears begin to fall.
Footprints in the snow
    lead back through the frigid tears —
To an empty door.
The door swings open
    bringing the bitter winds
The erring footfalls.
Still remains the door
    the footfalls — a wishful thought
My heart awakens.
No vestiges remain
    footprints, scents — lost to winter
Save my opaque heart.
White is the morning
    on a bough the red bird sings —
A song of good-byes.

aA cardinal.
Lovelorn, adjective for someone who is unhappy because of unrequited love.