April 7: Thoughts

09:30   Yep, Cover 3 would beat that Tight End route; good job, EA.

09:48   I didn’t think I’d feel this cold here in this freezer. I thought I was impervious to it. Must be getting old. Alright, where is that kale? I must have missed it on the first go. Cold, cold …

09:51   Bananas are still green; dad says two hands. Two it is. Yes, I have two hands, but I refer to the banana’s.

09:53   Sweet! $5:50 instant rebate on dog food, and I had planned to get two bags today coz I got the feeling that I just should. The universe whispered and I listened. Still, why did I not read Cover 3; I should’ve gone underneath and have the Wide Receiver open for 10 yards. Got greedy. I would’ve slain a 97 over all defense with a Touch Down, or at least a Field Goal. Son of a …

10:00   “Do I have two bananas? Yeah, there. Have a good day!” Dang 10:00, and I’m already out. Doesn’t this place supposed to open at 10:00? Fastest grocery shopper in the west indeed!

10:15   Why bother upgrading to become a VIP member; look at all those cars lining up for gas?! The stress will cost me more than the meager cents I save. That’s save in quotation marks!

10:30   Think I can lift this other 55 lbs dog food with my other hand? My fingers are gonna cry … Ouch, only 20 feet way to the front door. Walk faster, James, you idiot!

10:18   “Breaking News!! USA launch missiles to Syria …” F–––ers are gonna start a war.

12:03   Getting 600 Campus Hero collectibles is light years away. My defensive game plan apparently is not working optimally. How do other players successively and successfully counter my plays having only 11%, or 8% chances?! I set mine between 15-20% counters for all types of plays but they only work twice against another player’s drive? It may be because I’ve figured out how to beat Season mode like way too easy and the AI behind EA did not take a liking to it, although during SB (apparently using the name of this championship game is prohibited), the AI’s players are like on roids, and even their QB can take one, two, or three direct full hits from LBs and DEs, would hold his ground and still make the pass for the first down 45 yards away. I ran an undefeated season, until the big game. If AI doesn’t want you to win, win you will not. That last part … an anastrophe, no? In other words, Yoda-like talk?

12:08   Getting addicted to this game; I need to back off.

12:45   I think I’m beginning to get used to this calligraphy marker pen! I still have misgivings about using the real nib and the ink.

13:46   “Hey, Noah’s back … shhh shhh …”

14:05   Better I feed the dogs now.

14:08   These pork links feel like rubber; tastes like, well speaking of dogs …

14:18   Bed at last, let’s see what I can read … Frankl’s book sounds soporific … (Z zz Zz) ..

??:??   And there we were disporting, mainly them, not me; I didn’t know who they were, but we knew each other … somehow. On this side of the cove, the ocean lay open before us; flora of an assortment of bushes, shrubs, and trees behind us. The sun was high up, thus an hour past midday was not altogether a bad guess. We were having fun. No, them. Weird fellas all. One of them defecated in the ocean, and having realized that there were children coming in to swim, humbly apologized — to us. The trespass cut our enjoyment short and so we climbed the beach rock that separated this side of the cove from the adjacent one, the only way to safely exit the site. On our descent, we encountered two young ladies in bikinis. One with the long dirty blond hair and a nice tan was skipping on the rocks, on her way out to sea. The other stopped and acknowledge me, which gave me an opportunity to chat and carry the gab a little longer. She was brunette, short hair. And though her cheeks were ruddy because of the sun, her complexion remained fair. She smiled a lot as we spoke, although, I haven’t the slightest idea what we talked about. But it seemed that we agreed to meet, not a tryst (way too soon for that), but somewhat of a platonic get-together. And met we did. We were now at the park that was situated in the upper part of the cove (think Corona del Mar). I sat on one of the bench along the walkway. The whole trail, well at least this part, was so designed so that a trellis bore the grapevine which lightly formed a canopy above, giving us respite from the sun. On and on we spoke and drank in the breath-taking view of the serene ocean from time to time. Again, wish I knew what we spoke of. Oh by the way, she was now wearing blue jeans and a black shirt. (Perish that unhealthy thinking). Okay, perhaps, we strolled along the trail following it to its end, or left to another part of the park, … who knows … but this trail looped, as in a cul-de-sac, and amidst it an immense piece of machinery, enclosed in thick crystal clear fiber glass. My first impression was we were looking at the bottom part of an gigantic gyroscope. The gears of bronze were turning and rotating and moving at the same time. We did not fully understand what it meant till someone revealed that it measured earthquakes as they happened, and that the faster the gears turned, the more intense the phenomena. The thought of “The Big One” loomed in our souls.

16:32   It was a good dream and she truly was beautiful. I never met any of those people ever in real life, then why them? How? Maybe, that was me, but me from another dimension, another world. Quantum whatever … lucky bastard.

16:56   Feels good deleting these The Walking Dead episodes I recorded on DVR. Haven’t watch any of them. Yes, only 6% full now. Enough I hope for Better Call Saul season 3 and Into the Badlands season 2. Can’t wait!

17:01   Seven points. Oh well.

23:00   If I read 50 pages each day, I’d finish this in no time. These are nice quotes by Frankl! Ummm WordPress.

00:40   Ten posts on WordPress!

02:35   What do you know? Scattered rain showers; April’s first!