Entry – Feb 8, 2017

February 8, 2017
Los Angeles, California

Dear Diary,

One of the perks of being an oncology nurse where I work is that you get to give chemo ‘off-ward’, that is, patients not accomodated on our floor needing treatments will have said treatments administered them, wherever they may be, courtesy of a qualified RN. The task is pretty much straightforward: give the doggone chemo, then sit, — this would encompass active monitoring of the patient and timely charting of findings, by the way — wait, and hope nothing happens during the treatment. Standing is only necessary when taking vital signs. However, if the patient happens to be hooked up to a continuous monitoring apparatus, as the case would be in an ICU setting, being on your two feet becomes optional. Well, maybe not entirely as you still need to leave your chair to take temperatures. Continue reading

Entry – Feb 6, 2017

February 6, 2017
Cypress, California

Dear Diary,

It is six in the morning. It is raining. I know that to many, it is not a thing to be desired, not mainly because we had just gone through a small, yet rather potent, storm just over a fortnight ago, but more so because today happens to be Monday. And if Mondays already bear a stain of reproach, — it (and me) wondering why or how — imagine a rainy Monday! Imagine the dread.

Rainy days will always find a harbor in my soul — always. It matters not on which day it chooses to fall. For who can really deny the dulcet symphony it composes as it strums each blade of grass, bows every branch of trees, Continue reading