20 Seventeen

Abraham Lincoln. A great man.

the previous year has been disastrous. The new is in the offing, just around the bend, yet no respite is within view in the distant horizon. Much of the same will remain. I hold on to hope notwithstanding. As I ponder these things, a picture of a man flitted to mind. From the little that I read about Abe Lincoln, I learnt he was one of a kind, full of character, undaunted to do the right thing at the cost of popularity, at the cost of his life. Much can be gained from reading about his life, his work, and his living. I hope to learn a few in this lifetime. What follows are just two of his myriad of gems.

My experience and observation have been that those who promise the most do the least.

Below is perhaps a more fitting adage to welcome the new year:

My hand was tired but my resolution was firm.

Happy New Year to all!