Weekly Photo Challenge – Order

Here are my pictorial representations to the word order. Beginning with the quintessential definition of the word, in conveying it, I found a photo I took of a quay in Redondo Beach sometime perhaps two years ago.

Quay Redondo Beach
Small quay just outside the fish market/restaurant in Redondo Beach.

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Photo Challenge – Evanescent


But if I told you I captured the seemingly unassuming photo above at the very exact moment when my nephew’s hand collided with mine, after which, in a split-second, he retracted his hand, then the whole experience — the sound the impact made, the weight of his hand, the softness of it, how he grunted — despite what the image conveys, is ephemeral, vanishing like a thunderclap. Continue reading “Photo Challenge – Evanescent”


This limerick — if you can call it that — was inspired by an occurrence at my workplace. There was this indescribable bliss from Kat after giving her patient what turned out to be a very nice haircut. Big deal, right? It was, for the man wouldn’t allow anyone at arm’s reach of him. Continue reading “Kat”


Started a collection category for when memory will no longer optimally serve me. Of course, that’s assuming Wordpress would still be around. This one, sang by Sharon Magdayao (Vina Morales) at 9 years of age. The song itself was written by a priest. Good job both.


Kaming mga kabataan karon
Ayaw’g pasagdi’ng mawala
Kay ang mga kahilay’ang tanan
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